We know that there are a multitude of cleaning tasks taking up your valuable free time. We have you covered on all of them. Here’s a brief list of our most commonly booked services- if you don’t see what you’re looking for, call the office and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Had the builders in doing some work? We know that no matter how neat and tidy they are, there’s always going to be some mess left behind. That’s why we offer specialist cleaning services to get rid of those last traces.
Your premises represents your business to your customers. Our team of commercial cleaners can help it sparkle the way your service does. From keeping the front of house spick and span to deep cleaning the bits the customers never see, we’ve got you covered.
A tidy environment is a productive environment. Our team of office cleaners can come in after hours to make sure your work environment is clean and tidy for the morning, leaving you and your staff to get on with your jobs.
You’re moving out and moving on. The last thing you want is your soon to be ex landlord claiming a portion of your deposit. We cost less and can help make sure you get it back.
Moving into a new place or have a property for rent? Our deep clean service will have the place feeling brand new in time for your move. This is also the service to choose if things have piled up and you really want a fresh start.
Our most popular service. This is a general clean around your home including; dusting, hoovering, mopping, surfaces and general tidying, taking the stress of day to day cleaning off your shoulders. We can offer block bookings or one offs as you need them. When making your booking you can select either house or flat. While our cleaners are capable of tackling any cleaning job, please note that for larger properties it may take more time or a second cleaner and book accordingly.

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