It can feel like it’s a bit of an unnecessary luxury, even a little decadent, but really, there are lots of great reasons that you should consider hiring a cleaner. After all, what’s wrong with a bit of luxury?

Surely having a professional cleaner come in and do the housework for you must cost an absolute fortune? It’s the preserve of the very wealthy, isn’t it? Well, no. It’s much, much more affordable than you’d think! We charge just £19.99 per hour (minimum two hours) and you’d be amazed at what we can get done in that time. From a really deep clean to just helping you clear the backlog a bit, hiring a professional cleaner is quite possibly the best investment you’ll make.
Are you moving out of a rented home? Wouldn’t it be great to get your whole deposit back to help you set up the new place? You’d be amazed at how often landlords will charge a “professional cleaning fee” when you leave. This fee is often way more than the cleaners are charging him too. Why not spend £40 on one of our cleaners rather than £300 on his? If you’re moving into a new place, the last thing you want to be thinking about is having to clean around all your boxes when you should be getting settled in. Our team of professional cleaners can get rid of all the dust and mess left by the last occupier before you’re even through the door.
No matter how much time you spend reading up on cleaning tips, there always seems to be some great “timesaving” trick you haven’t learned yet. In the end, you spend more time learning about how to clean than you do actually cleaning. When you add it all up, is it really worth it? Luckily for you, our team are all professional cleaners- they know the tips and tricks already. They know which products to use, how to get a streak-free finish and how to leave your home sparkling in record time.
We’ve all been there; he’s not done the dishes or she’s not mopped the kitchen floor and it starts to grate. Research shows that people feeling that the housework all falls on their shoulders is a major cause of friction in relationships. With a cleaning service, those arguments can be a thing of the past. Rather than a blazing row erupting every time it’s time to do the hoovering, those cross words can be replaced with a friendly hello as one of our professional cleaners comes and defuses the argument before it even starts.
We all lead busy lives and it seems that moments to catch our breath are getting even rarer. Why not maximise your spare time for the things you really want to be doing? When you consider the average British person spends over 2 years of their life cleaning and tidying (according to a poll undertaken by Harvey Softeners and TalkHealth in 2018), with over 47% of us spending 5 hours or more a week on household tasks, getting someone else to come and run the hoover around seems to make more sense. Just think what you could get up to with an extra 5 hours a week!

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